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Premium: Enigma2 Plugin and Installation

Discussion in 'Enigma 2 plugin' started by iptvstuff, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. iptvstuff

    iptvstuff Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It's highly recommended to install first the PLi images in your Enigma2 box. These are the main ones supporting the Xtream Plugin that was build to be used in Pli images:

    For almost all Enigma2 receivers (Vu+, Dreambox..), you just need to connect to your receiver with Telnet using DCC or Putty, easy install the plugin: just copy, paste & enter on telnet this command :
    opkg install http://king-box.club:80/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_mips32el.ipk
    - For Vu 4k and Gigablue sf4008:
    opkg install http://king-box.club:80/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_armv7a.ipk
    - For old boxes DM800 clones with old openpli 2.1:
    opkg install http://king-box.club:80/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_mipsel.ipk
    - For Spark:
    opkg install http://king-box.club:80/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_sh4.ipk
    You can also manually install the files if you have ftp access to the box, to do so please do the following
    • First download the needed files from above
    • FTP into the box's ip addy and log in as usual
    • Locate the folder called "tmp" and drop the needed file you downloaded into there
    • Start up putty and log into the box using telnet
    • run the following commands
    • opkg update
    • opkg install "full filename" replace "full filename" with the full name of the file, ie opkg install XtreamTV_0.0.6_mipsel.ipk
    In case you want to uninstall the plugin just run via putty this command:
    opkg remove XtreamTV

    You need to send us after installation, the MAC adress shown in the up right corner of the plugin. Nothing else needed, and you start watching from that plugin, you'll find it in Plugin Lists, called "KING BOX" .
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018